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2. to Participate in (music) on a pipe or pipes. He piped a tune. blaas, fluit يَعْزِف على المِزْمار свиря tocar zapískat pfeifen fløjte παίζω στη φλογέρα tocar vilet puhuma نی یا فلوت زدن soittaa pilliä jouer לְנַגֵן בְּחָלִיל बांसुरी बजाना svirati sípol meniup seruling leika á hljóðpípu suonare 笛で吹く 관악기를 불다 groti, dūduoti, švilpti spēlēt/pūst stabuli, svilpīti, dūdas meniupkan op een fluit spelen spille på fløyte grać na fujarce, dudach itp.

[34][35][36] The previous is surely an intrafield pipeline, from the sense that it is utilised to attach subsea wellheads, manifolds and the platform in a selected advancement discipline. The latter, in some cases known as an "export pipeline", is utilized to convey the useful resource to shore.[35] The development and maintenance of marine pipelines imply logistical problems which might be diverse from Those people onland, predominantly on account of wave and present dynamics, as well as other geohazards.

Pumps for liquid pipelines and compressors for gas pipelines, can be found together the line to move the product or service with the pipeline. The situation of these stations is outlined via the topography in the terrain, the sort of item staying transported, or operational circumstances in the community.

Although the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe sued the Corps, indicating the pipeline "threatens the Tribe's environmental and financial nicely-getting, and would injury and wipe out internet sites of wonderful historic, spiritual, and cultural importance on the Tribe."

Governing administration rules in Canada and the United States have to have that buried fuel pipelines need to be protected from corrosion. Typically, essentially the most inexpensive way of corrosion control is by use of pipeline coating at the side of cathodic protection and know-how to observe the pipeline. Earlier mentioned ground, cathodic security will not be an alternative. The coating is the sole external security.

The ancient Chinese also produced usage of channels and pipe devices for community operates. The well-known Han Dynasty court eunuch Zhang Rang (d. 189 Advert) after requested the engineer Bi Lan to assemble a series of sq.-pallet chain pumps outside the capital city of Luoyang.[22] These chain pumps serviced the imperial palaces and dwelling quarters from the capital metropolis because the h2o lifted by the chain pumps was introduced in by a stoneware pipe technique.[22][23]

Screening: When construction is accomplished, the new pipeline is subjected to checks to be sure its structural integrity. These may include things like hydrostatic testing and line packing.[37]

Crude oil incorporates different quantities of paraffin wax pipeline As well as in colder climates wax buildup may perhaps manifest within a pipeline. Usually these pipelines are inspected and cleaned employing pigging, the exercise of employing products referred to as "pigs" to accomplish numerous maintenance operations on the pipeline. The products are often known as "scrapers" or "Go-devils". "Clever pigs" (also referred to as "smart" or "intelligence" pigs) are utilized to detect anomalies while in the pipe such as dents, steel reduction attributable to corrosion, cracking or other mechanical injury.

Pure gasoline (and identical gaseous fuels) are lightly pressurized into liquids knows as Pure Gasoline Liquids (NGLs). Little NGL processing amenities is often situated in oil fields Hence the butane and propane liquid pipeline underneath mild stress of 125 pounds per square inch (860 kPa), might be shipped by rail, truck or pipeline. Propane can be used as being a fuel in oil fields to heat several pipeline services utilized by the oil drillers or tools and trucks Utilized in the oil patch.

Pipelines for big energy resources (petroleum and all-natural gasoline) are not simply a component of trade. They connect pipeline to problems with geopolitics and Global security as well, and the development, placement, and control of pipeline oil and gasoline pipelines normally figure prominently in condition interests and steps. A noteworthy example of pipeline politics transpired at the beginning on the calendar year 2009, wherein a dispute concerning Russia and Ukraine ostensibly about pricing led to A significant political disaster. Russian point out-owned gas firm Gazprom cut off organic gasoline materials to Ukraine following talks amongst it as well as Ukrainian authorities fell by way of.

The memory reduction and functionality decrease of Alzheimer’s illness are actually connected to amyloid plaques, abnormal protein deposits that Make up inside the Mind. BAN2401 is undoubtedly an antibody that binds to amyloid, which could reduce its existence during the brain and possibly slow the progress of your illness.

Alicaforsen is surely an antisense drug we designed to decrease the manufacture of intercellular adhesion molecule one, or ICAM-one. Ulcerative colitis, or UC, is definitely an inflammatory bowel sickness on the colon, a A part of the massive intestine, and pouchitis is surely an inflammation of the surgically produced inner pouch created in UC clients who've experienced their diseased colons eliminated. In 2007, we accredited alicaforsen to Atlantic Prescribed drugs for pouchitis, UC as well as other inflammatory disorders.

Via chopping-edge science and medicine, Biogen discovers, develops and provides throughout the world innovative therapies for persons living with major neurological and neurodegenerative conditions.

Coagulation abnormalities and thrombocytopenia, together with acute extreme thrombocytopenia, have already been observed just after administration of some antisense oligonucleotides. Renal toxicity, such as possibly deadly glomerulonephritis, has been noticed right after administration of some antisense oligonucleotides. Present-day Standing

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